Do you want to try out Demo Clubs from the leading brand in golf?

If you are looking to change one or all of your golf clubs this year, don't be tempted to buy a club off the shelf without seeing how it performs in your hands! We have all the latest models from Ping, Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway and Mizuno with demonstration clubs for most models throughout their ranges.

In order to make your job easier House of Golf has purchased an astonishing choice of trial irons for you to try on the driving range at The Manchester Golf Club from grass teeing areas. As you know, it is one thing to see a ball hit into a net but a totally different prospect to see the ball fly and to aim at a real target!

Although we would always recommend that you have a fitting with our Professionals you can also request to try a demo. Please call in advance if you would like to try a club on 0161 655 3668.

You can combine this with a full fitting using Trackman technology in the Golf Performance Centre. Call today for more information.




Would you like to try out a club?

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