What is FittingWorks?

Titleist FittingWorks is a comprehensive tee-to-green fitting process developed to provide golfers properly fit equipment throughout the entire set - being fit into the proper clubs leads to better play and lower scores. FittingWorks driver, long game, iron and wedge fitting tools and methods allow each golfer to be prescribed the correct club models and personalized set specifications for optimum performance.

Having the right model, shaft, shaft flex, lie, length, grip and grip size will allow the golfer to play to their full potential. It is essential that you go through the fitting process as less than 5% of golfers fit into an entirely standard set of golf clubs.

Titleist believes there are several benefits to being custom fit for golf clubs. The fitting tools and methods that comprise FittingWorks ensure that the player will be armed with the knowledge to choose the optimum full set of clubs.


Consistently drive the ball longer?

Hit all shots more accurately?

Shave strokes with better short game execution?

Have noticeably better distance control?

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