Custom Fitting for Mizuno Clubs

Each company represented in the GPC provides quality, precision built, custom fitted golf clubs using only the latest technology and Mizuno is no exception.

The Mizuno Fitting Cart carries all of the latest model designs and an endless combination of shafts to compliment your swing. Just ten years ago the most complex shaft choice a serious golfer had to make was 'Stiff or regular?' Now the massive growth of custom fitting has thrown up so many options that the average player has more ways to get it wrong than ever.

Faced with this problem, Mizuno has developed a cutting edge technology that takes shaft fitting to a whole new level and this technology is now available to you at the Golf Performance Centre. In creating Swing DNA a unique system that identifies the unique blueprint in every swing - Mizuno has addressed the most critical element of the entire custom fitting process.

Specially-created software sifts through the mass of shaft options to select the optimal match, based on Swing DNA recorded by Mizuno's Shaft Optimiser. What was once a time-consuming process is now one that is immediate and consistent.

Mizuno's fitting process incorporates an interchangeable shaft system so that the recommended shaft / head combination can be tested as affirmation that you are purchasing the correct club for you.

Offering a choice of head weights - standard, lighter and graphite-weighted each test iron is designed to feel and play exactly like Mizuno's final production models. If you are lloking for a fitting centre that has everything Mizuno come to the Golf Performance Centre and experience Swing DNA.

Using shaft and head combinations from the Fitting Cart

Results from the Swing DNA test




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