Prepared and confident? Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming the best golfer that you can be - read on and see how we can help you to improve your game even further!

If, however, you know that you're not getting the best out of your game, come along to the Golf Performance Centre - we can help you! Using the very latest technology and years of combined experience in the golf industry, we will look at your game as a whole, work on any problems that you might have and provide you with a Game Plan for improvement. No stone will be left unturned in an effort to help you achieve the very best from your game.

GPC Trackman and V1 Video Session  
1 Hour Tuition £49.00
30 Minutes Tuition £29.00
Trackman Combine £30.00
GPC Trackman Fitting  
1 Hour Fit £29.00
2 Hour Fit £49.00
Wedge Fit £19.00
Club Gapping Session £30.00
GPC Putting Lab Session  
1 Hour Session £49.00
Full Bag Fit £100.00

David Gisbourne recently visited the GPC this is what he had to say

'Looks like I'm saying goodbye to my old Nippon shafts and hello Modus! Following the best and most detailed fitting session I've ever had. If any of you are thinking of having a DNA fitting session in the Manchester area, then I very much recommend Brian Connor's House of Golf withing Manchester Golf Club. Paul there is a Mizuno Ambassador and possibly the most knowledgeable person on golf equipment I've ever spoken to.'

When we opened the Golf Performance Centre in 2009 our vision was to create a Fitting Centre that provided our customers with the option to choose the best product to suit their game from the best companies in golf. We also stated that if we couldn’t help to improve a client’s game we wouldn’t try to sell them anything to replace their existing clubs.

So many times we hear the stories of people going to a discount store and being sold a product that hasn’t helped to improve their game and in some case the product they have purchased has totally ruined their game. The Golf Performance Centre is about giving the customer choice, value for money and service with integrity. If you would like to book a fitting for the Golf Performance Centre call Golf Reception on 0161 655 3668

To book your visit to the Golf Performance Centre CLICK HERE or telephone 0161 655 3668 for more details


Welcome to the Golf Performance Centre website

Where else in the world can you be professionally fitted to golf clubs from seven of the leading brands in golf? Ping, Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade and Mizuno?

At the Golf Performance Centre we don't squeeze you into a brand that we want to sell you a set from. We use Trackman Technology to find you the clubs that will most enhance your game without bias.

We are PGA Professionals and trained fitters which means that we will can advise you on every aspect of your game.


The game of golf begins in earnest from the moment that we place the ball on the tee, on the first hole at our golf club.

Are you prepared and confident about the challenge of the game ahead? Or are you like millions of golfers all over the world who have niggling doubts about their swing, the effectiveness of their clubs and numerous other issues that clog the thoughts of the everyday golfer?



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The Golf Performance Centre is located at

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Call us on

0161 655 3668

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