Callaway Golf's OptiFit System

The Callaway Golf custom fitting solution uses the latest OptiFit Driver and Iron System, you can easily try a seemingly endless number of shaft and clubhead configurations in a matter of minutes. We believe the OptiFit System will go a long way toward helping you become a better golfer.

So, what can the correct clubhead/shaft combination do for your game? Finding a clubhead with the CG (centre or gravity) position and loft that best suits your swing will provide a longer, straighter ball flight. The right shaft works to suit feel preferences in both stiffness and weight, promoting consistent delivery of the clubhead to the ball.









Here’s how the OptiFit Driver System works in the Golf Performance Centre:

With an extensive range of clubhead/shaft combinations, the OptiFit System allows you to hit a variety of combinations in the Golf Performance Centre or on the driving range that give immediate feedback on Trackman giving you the opportunity to get closest to providing optimal satisfaction. The club fitter can easily switch out the clubhead and shaft with the torque wrench.

Your unique specification is then sent direct to the Callaway factory where your clubs are built (see video). At the Golf Performance Centre our aim is to offer you the chance of becoming the very best golfer that you can be.



If you would like to book a fitting for the Callaway Optifit Driver or Iron System

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